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With over 20 years experience, Profloor Epoxy Systems has worked together with architects, engineers and construction firms to provide long lasting surface solutions, all at a competitive price


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Profloor Epoxy Systems incorporate four key Resin Based flooring systems, including:-

  • Epoxy Flooring & Coatings
  • Methyl-Methacrylate Flooring (MMA)
  • Polyurethane Cement Flooring
  • Polyester / Vinylester Flooring


These Resin Based flooring systems have a wide variety of important characteristics that are required in a variety of modern work environments.


These key characteristics include:-


1_slip_resistance.gif - large

Anti-Slip Surfaces

Various anti-slip additives such as Aggregates and Calcined Alumina can be incorporated to achieve the desired anti-slip finish. Finishes range from R9 to R13

2_impact_resistance.gif - large

High Impact and Traffic Resistance

Floors subject to high impact damage and wear can be treated with trowel grade flooring systems and screeds - typically applied between 6mm and 9mm for optimal results

3_rapid_curing.gif - large

Overnight/Rapid Application

Demanding work environments without the option of shutting down for long periods require a fast curing trowelled anti-slip system. We can install your floor overnight, ready for full use including fork traffic after 1 hour of completion.

4_chemical_resistance.gif - large

Resistance to Acids, Chemicals, Fats, Oils, etc

Industrial process environments are typically exposed to a range of harsh chemicals or fat products. There are various systems designed to resist to a range of chemicals and fats. We can tailor a system to suit your site specific requirements.

5_temperature.gif - large

Resistance to Extreme Temperatures

Many areas such as Coolrooms, Freezers or Hot/Cold Process areas are exposed to damage by thermal shock, where the temperature fluctuations are too extreme for conventional systems to uphold. We can install  systems with high temperature range such as -20 degrees right up to +120 degrees, without risk of damage.

6_sun.gif - large

Ultra Violet (UV) Resistance

For outdoor applications, UV stable systems are used, as they havebeen developed with Uv inhibitors. this ensures there is no risk of discolouration and damage by exposure to the elements. UV resistance in an important factor when considering a new floor installation, as UV can impact on the aesthetics of the floor. 

7_colour.gif - large

Aesthetics: Creating an Appealing Work Environment

Various colours and textures can be incorporated to improve poor workspace conditions, such as poor lighting or patchy looking floors. There are also a range of designer finishes such as epoxy self levellers and clear coatings, generally used in upmarket projects.

Technical Information

Technical Information

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